Your challenge this week is to dig deep and find your why. Most of us have started too many diets or new healthy habits to count and we quit them every single time for some reason. Either we didn’t lose the weight fast enough, we couldn’t stick to it, or we fell off the wagon and couldn’t get back on. Adopting any new lifestyle change requires commitment; and you can’t have commitment if you don’t have a reason for starting the journey in the first place.

But your why can’t just be “because I want to lose weight”.  That reason isn’t good enough. You’ve been there before, it wasn’t good enough then, it’s not good enough now. You need a why so strong that when the times get tough and you don’t want to go to the gym or you over eat or you need the will power to turn down that 4th slice of pizza – you have the answer why you’re NOT going to do that. You need a why that allows you to follow the rules you’ll learn over the next few weeks, allows you to say no, and most importantly to stop making excuses why you can’t do this. You CAN… but why?

So we’re going to play a little game of ask why. And we’re going to keep asking why until we get to the bottom of your reasoning, the bottom of your excuse pile, the core of why you are trying yet another healthy lifestyle option. Your homework this week is to post your why in the facebook group and tag us with #portionista #week1 #mywhy 

Use this example guide to get to your why (change the answers to each question to your own answers):

Q: Why do you want to try a new weight loss method?

A: I want to lose weight

Q: Why do you want to lose weight (your answer here)

A: Because I’m tired of being fat

Q: Why are you tired of being fat (your answer here)

A: Because everything is harder when your fat

A: Because I want to look good for me

A: Because I want to feel good

Q: Why do you want to make things easier, look and feel good (your answers here)

A: Because I deserve it. I work too hard to be miserable.

Q: Why do you deserve it (your answers here)

A: Because I’m worth it, food is just food but I want to live my life to the fullest. Play with my kids, wear great clothes, not be depressed.

Q: Why do you want to live your life to the fullest

A: Because I only get one chance to do this. It’s all that matters.

Keep asking until you get to the answer that leads you the one thing that matters to you above all else. This is what will keep you on track.  My answer was that I only have this one life and I’m running out of time to live it. Food cannot define that life. Only I can.