Welcome to Week 5 of the Portionista Weight Loss Challenge! This week we’re talking about the Portionista Plate: how much eat of what macros, and how often.

1 what to eat.PNG

What macros should you eat? The easiest thing to do is use your hand as a reference.

  • Eat the protein in your palm first, followed by the vegetable over your fingers, and give yourself a thumbs up for finishing your carbs last
  • The protein you eat should make up the size of the palm of your hand
  • Vegetables are next and you want a heaping pile the size of your four fingers
  • Complex carbs are last and the size of the length of your thumb. Think of a small pile of fries or one quarter of a sweet potato

This week, look at your hand when you make your plate and follow these guidelines

How much should you eat? Again, use your hand as a reference.

  • Use a small plate the size of your hand. When you see a small plate filled up, you won’t feel like you’re eating such a small portion
  • Aim to eat a loose hand of food made up of these macros
  • Don’t drink during your meal and chew slowly
  • Its okay if you still feel hungry at the end of the meal. Give your body a chance to catch up

This week, look at your hand when you make your plate and follow these guidelines

  • You’re going to eat every two to three hours
  • Small meals, made up of 75, 20, 5 percentage rules
  • Drink plenty of water in between
  • Meal prep to prepare
  • Availability = Success

This week, focus on preparing small meals ahead of time, made up of the portions and quantities we covered here. Remember, if you have healthy foods ready to eat when you’re hungry, you’re more likely to succeed!

Fitness Challenge

Each week’s fitness challenge will involve compound bodyweight movements.

Bodyweight movements are great because they can be done from anywhere without equipment required but they are extremely effective at increasing your muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

If you combine bodyweight movements with compound movements (movements that work multiple muscle groups at one time), you will find yourself getting fitter and stronger everyday.

This week’s challenge is the Plank and Lunge. You’ll work them in throughout your day and aim for 100 reps total

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 100 Planks3 planks.PNG

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – 100 Lunges

4 lunges.PNG

Check out the video this week for a full walk through of this weeks challenge