Cravings – Why sugar isn’t burned as energy

For the next two weeks, we’re going to focus on kicking the sugar habit with the ultimate goal of eliminating the cravings and eating smaller portions made up of the right foods to lose weight and maintain it for the rest of our lives.

Do you find yourself snacking constantly? Craving sweets and salty snacks? What about soda and sweet drinks?

  • After chronic consumption of high sugar and fast carbs, your body thinks it’s become dependent on sweetness to function and doesn’t metabolize it anymore
  • Excess sugar makes your cells insulin resistant: sugar can no longer enter your cells and is stored as fat instead
  • Our love for sugar is genetically programmed in our bodies from times when fat storage was useful for survival. That’s why we can’t help ourselves when it’s around. We need to put it in our mouths! It’s our instinct!

Sugar even triggers reward systems in our brains, much like other addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs

Detox – 10 day low carb low fat liquid diet

In order to kick the sugar habit and enable our bodies to eat smaller portions easily, we’ll do a 10 day low carb low fat liquid diet. Anything you eat or drink should meet the guidelines of less than 5 grams of sugar or carbs per 8 oz serving.

  • In order to keep our bodies running efficiently we’ll focus on protein
  • Keep a variety of options AVAILABLE so we don’t slip up.
  • Skipping the fitness challenge for the next two weeks to focus on this fast and maintain the energy needed to truly detox

The 10 day detox diet will include the following elements:

  • Protein shakes or meal replacement shakes are ideal
  • Only sugar-free beverages with less than 5 grams of sugar per 8 oz (light and fit yogurt drinks)
  • No carbonated beverages
  • Soup broth or creamy soups with under 5 grams of sugar or carbs for 8 oz
  • V8 and vegetable juice
  • For dinner, 1-2 servings of lean meat and/or vegetables but keep portions small, chew very thoroughly, and ensure under the 5 grams of sugar or carbs per serving rule
  • Sip beverages very slowly just like you were eating a meal slowly

You don’t need to count calories but men should aim for 70-90 grams of protein throughout the day and women 50-70 grams.

Detox – sample daily meal plan

meal plan

Warning – Keto Flu Ahead

Research has shown sugar affects the brain in a way similar to heroin or cocaine. It’s pleasurable, and we get a nice shot of the “feel good” hormone, dopamine, when eating sugar.

  • When sugar is drastically reduced from starting a low carb diet, we can experience withdrawal effects like mood swings, irritability, cravings for sugar, and other symptoms of the keto flu.
  • Someone who has come from eating a diet full of processed and refined carbs and sugars is more likely to also experience these withdrawal-like symptoms and have more trouble adapting to fat burning.
  • Stay hydrated, drink sweet tasting “sugar free” drinks or eat sugar free jello to help ease the cravings

Know that your body must go through this metabolic switch to start burning fat as energy

When The Fog Clears

After the keto flu is over people report feeling great, having decreased appetite and cravings, increased energy levels, and being able to eat less in a sitting.  

  • Just one slip up back to the old carb comforts can leave you feeling terrible almost hung over.
  • This is why many who “cheat” on a low carb diet go right back to low carb because they remember how they felt when the fog cleared.
  • Why we eat our carbs last and few and we choose complex, high quality carbohydrates instead of high glucose “fast” carbs.
  • Keep the carb count low and decreases the chances of these cravings.

We detox so that you can stick to the rule of last and few.

The Long Term Fix

When you go back to eating carbs last and few during week 8 and beyond, you’ll begin swapping your simple sugars for complex carbohydrates.

  • Choose nutrient-rich colorful, earthy veggies, instead of the empty processed carbs.
  • Swap sodas for water, low-fat yogurts for full-fat yogurt and sugary cereals for oats.
  • Reduce your caloric carbohydrate intake to a maximum of 10% of each meal.
  • Train your body to extract energy from fat again.
  • Vegetables are a great way to get your carbs: much better than the ones you get from processed foods!

Choose plant-based whole foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, and some animal proteins like poultry and fish, for essential micro- and macronutrients needed to calm and recover your systems

complexLONG TERM BENEFITS – You’ll get rid of excess fluids, fat and toxic build-up. You’ll digest better, absorb nutrients, alkalize, detoxify, impede inflammations, balance hormones, support gut and strengthen immunity.

What’s Next?  Week 8 and beyond

After you’ve kicked the sugar addiction, and spent some time on a mostly liquid diet, your stomach will have shrunk and you’ll be able to eat smaller portions and crave healthier foods.

  • This will allow you to stick to the rules for a lifetime. If you slip up, you can use this detox as a way to get back on track again.
  • Week 8 we’ll focus on building a Portionista plate for every meal and sticking with the rules for long term weight loss.

Then adding fitness back in as a way to build your body as you lose the weight.six meals



  • 10 day mostly liquid detox diet
  • Everything consumed must be < 5 grams of sugar/carb per 8 oz
  • No fitness – focus on detox